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MyFitnessPal App

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myfitnesspal app

This is a website and it is also available as an app on iOS and Android. MyFitnessPal helps track your workout progress by calculating your calorie intake and managing your diet plan. Therefore, for those of you who are on a very strict regimen, it is great because you can input your entire daily intake. All you have to do is click at the diary and you can input all of your meals as well as exercises for the day and your water intake. The best thing about this is that it has such a large library of different types of foods. Say that you order a dinner plate at a popular chain and most likely MyFitnessPal already has all the nutritional content of that meal. So all you need to do is to look it up and add it. It calculates the nutritional content of fruits, vegetables, grains and all sorts of things. That’s what I really like about this app. If you have a wearable heart rate monitor recording the heart rate statistics of your daily activities, then you can input that data into MyFitnessPal app. The app will adjust for how many calories you need to consume in order to meet your fitness goals. This is an awesome app for those of you who are on your weight loss journey or if you are an athlete and want to make sure that you are making progress or whether you are a bodybuilder and want to track your macros. You can also use this app with many popular wearable fitness trackers. If you are someone trying to gain weight, you can definitely use this app as well. The only downside of this app is if you get too caught up in every little number. You need not get stuck up on the numbers and you do not have to meet every single criteria.

Calorie tracking isn’t the only thing that this app does. MyFitnessPal allows you to change the settings and ratios of the macronutrients. Your macronutrients are the ratios of your carbohydrates, fats and proteins. On top of this, you can also track the micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, etc. Therefore, by using this app, you get a better understanding of how many calories you are taking in or if you are not taking enough calories, you can understand way you are not getting to your goals. This is a great way to have a diary on you at all times if you have a Smartphone to keep track of all the calories going in and burning out. The best way you can use this app is by buying a food scale rather than a generic way that they give you with MyFitnessPal.

How do you actually use MyFitnessPal? All you have to do is literally type in the food that you are eating and the app should give you a generic weight and size that it comes with. If you don’t know what the size or the weight of the food is, another thing that you can do is to Google it. You also need to create your profile and input your height, your weight and activity level. Therefore, it will give you a better understanding of what your goal is. This might not work for everyone because the actual calories they give you are going to be different for everyone. What you can do is that you can actually take what they give you and see if that works for you. If you start losing weight, keep it up and if over time you start getting acclimated to that calorie intake, decrease it slightly. Do not make drastic changes. If you are looking to gain weight and the given calorie number is not working, start increasing it slowly. Don’t rust and try not to see results overnight because that’s when you see the worst results.

The benefits of this application is that you can actually see what your current diet is like and you can start eating other foods that you are not used to eating. Those foods may be a little bit unhealthier but you know they will fulfill your macro needs. Going on a diet that is very strict is difficult to sustain and you may start to binge eat a lot.

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